The Subs

Alucia has three state-of-the-art submersibles destined to become icons of modern-day exploration. The subs include powerful lighting systems and high-definition cameras providing flexibility for both scientific data collection and professional quality filmmaking.


The TRITON 3300/3 is capable of diving 1,000 meters with a pilot and two passengers on board. It is well equipped for marine science research, shipwreck reconnaissance, undersea videography and more.

Triton submersibles provide an excellent platform for science, archaeology, exploration or filming. Thanks to the large selection of optional extras and interchangeable skids available, the submersible can easily transform into a full science lab or film rig, widening the possibilities for exploration and charter.

Triton submersibles offer marine scientists of all types the ultimate platform from which to carry out their research, sampling, measurement and analysis. Triton can fit customized equipment racks, known as skids, containing analytical equipment.


An unmatched diving experience for a memorable and spectacular underwater adventure. Regardless of depth, the interior of the passenger cabin remains at one atmosphere; surface pressure.


The ultimate tool for monitoring, measuring and recording beneath the waves. The Triton fits customized equipment racks called skids that can be customized to suit client and project requirements.


The perfect platform from which to produce documentary and feature films. Triton’s submersibles offer the flexibility, maneuverability and longevity required for the most demanding of shoots.


8-12 hrs


1,000 meters


1 pilot, 2 observers



The DEEP ROVER offers a 320° view through its transparent acrylic pressure hull, providing two passengers with a safe, reliable and comfortable experience.

The submersible is the best science platform that can be used to discover and analyze scientific and archaeological objects on the seabed, or to perform support tasks beyond the capabilities of a diver or ROV.

The Deep Rover is a highly versatile submersible. It is ideally suited to support operations where its power, maneuverability and generous payload enable it to perform tasks that would typically require a tethered ROV.


The Deep Rover is a very capable and well-designed vehicle that can take two occupants to a depth of 1,000 meters in comfort and safety. Many of the ocean’s most remarkable features – both geological and biological – lie within this depth range.

320° VIEW

The view from the Deep Rover’s acrylic sphere is unparalleled. A finely tuned system of ballast control and thrusters provides the submersible with exquisite maneuverability at any depth.


The Deep Rover is an incredible science platform that allows for the most versatile tasks in terms of scientific collection and analysis. A single Shilling T4 manipulator enables the Deep Rover to collect samples and deploy instruments and specialized biological and geological sampling tools on the sea floor and above it.


6-10 hrs


1,000 meters


1 pilot, 1 observer