We are currently seeking ideas for scientific research missions to be performed during late 2018 – 2019 onboard our oceanic exploration and research vessel, the Alucia. Fill out the form below and our in-house mission team will review your idea for further consideration.


After screening of ideas by our in-house mission team, applicants may be contacted for clarifications before submissions are reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Board. This review will inspect submissions to ensure alignment with our mission, operating region and vessel capabilities. Proposals are ranked based on three key criteria: Scientific Merit, Media Potential and Cost.

Contacts for top-ranking proposals will be asked to fill out a more detailed proposal document. Detailed proposals will be peer-reviewed in a process facilitated by the OceanX Science team.

Our evaluation criteria include:

  • The scale of potential scientific advancement;

  • The level to which the subject matter could represent a benefit to the global community;

  • The uniqueness of the mission in terms of both scientific content and field of study;

  • The necessity of using a vessel like the Alucia to access the proposed area of study and leveraging the unique capabilities on board;

  • The potential for the mission to be represented as exciting and educational visual media;

  • The level of direct human involvement in exploration as part of the mission;

  • The reputation and level of expertise of the mission team and the institution or organization they represent;

  • The anticipated logistical effort and cost associated with having the Alucia on-mission in the defined area for the necessary length of time;

  • The available capacity on board to accommodate the necessary number of scientists and other personnel;

  • The level of potential risk or any safety concerns associated with the mission.


If approved, the grant associated with the mission would fund all on-board activity, including access to any necessary resources, equipment or vehicles provided by the Alucia. The grant would not include support for shore-side activities in preparation for, or following, research missions, or the mobilization of the science team. Should you have scientific mission-related needs that cannot be addressed through other means, please contact us to discuss potential solutions. 

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Goal of the Project

Field(s) of Research Associated with the Project

Overview of Scientific Methods, Technology & Equipment

Approximate Timing & Length (and any optimal timeframe or seasonal consideration)

Intended Location/Geographic Region

Existing Support/Sponsorship for the Project (e.g. grants)

Characteristics of the Project with Dramatic or Visual Appeal

What Makes this Unique, Novel, or Innovative

What is the Scale of the Potential Impact for Society

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