Join The Mission


We are currently seeking ideas for scientific research missions to be performed during 2019 on board our oceanic exploration and research vessel, the Alucia. Our anticipated areas of operation will include the Norwegian Sea, Svalbard and Iceland, followed by the Indian Ocean, including Sri Lanka and Madagascar. We invite interested parties to submit details of potential scientific research within these regions.


We conduct innovative research focused on marine exploration and biological discovery. Themes of the highest priority include new approaches to locate rare species and never-before-seen biological phenomena, encounters with new or rarely seen species and investigation of cetaceans and other aquatic megafauna. We are seeking missions that:

  • Are original or unique in their field, representing novel discovery or innovation;
  • Require access to remote or otherwise inaccessible areas;
  • Have particular dramatic or visual appeal, thereby maximizing the potential reach through powerful experiences;
  • Put the human at the center of the mission; for example, in manned sub exploration;
  • Would derive otherwise unobtainable benefit from being launched from the Alucia;
  • Represent an advance in scientific research in their field;
  • Will result in credible scientific publication and science-based media.


We have identified 2 areas of operation for 2019, and will prioritize applications that fall within these areas:

  • The Norwegian Sea, Svalbard and Iceland;
  • The Indian Ocean, including Sri Lanka and Madagascar.