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Half again as large as the ship it will replace, the Alucia2 extends our exploration and filmmaking capabilities far beyond what was possible before. This is a ship built to inspire the next generation of ocean explorers.

Help Us Rename Alucia2

OceanX is producing a new series in partnership with National Geographic, BBC, and James Cameron. Mission: OceanX will tell the story of this handpicked team as they face the challenges that arise from seeking to solve some of the ocean’s greatest outstanding mysteries. Now, we’re calling on the public to help rename its biggest star: the next-generation exploration vessel from which it’ll take place, currently known only as “Alucia2.” Not only will the winner have their suggestion emblazoned on one of the most cutting-edge science-and-media vessels ever built, they’ll be rewarded with a once-in-a-lifetime submersible dive to the ocean depths with the OceanX team.


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